Birding Tours

Ziwa birding tours: A brown headed parrot sitting in a tree.

Over 300 Species of Bird

Thanks to our birding tours, Ziwa has become a popular destination for bird enthusiasts around the world. Which is no surprise as there are over 300 bird species to be spotted here. Within the wildlife ranch, we have woodlands, swamps and savannah so we attract a wide variety of bird species.

Our rangers are very well trained and know exactly where to look to find the most interesting species. The tours, themselves are at a relaxed pace to allow you time to take as many photographs as you desire.

We offer 4 different bird trails in the ranch, so why not stay for a couple of days to make the most of your visit? Our birding tours are a must for birders, budding ornithologists and photographers alike.

Birding Tour Details

How much time do you need
2 hours

Available from
07:00 until 17:00

What you need to bring
Closed shoes, drinking water, long pants, insect repellent, and of course, your camera

Birding Tour Prices

Visitors to Uganda (Costs in USD)

ActivityAdultChild (up to 12)
Park Entry*$50$30
Birding Tours$20$10

Foreigners residing in East Africa (Costs in USD)

ActivityAdultChild (up to 12)
Park Entry*$45$25
Birding Tours$20$10

East African Residents (Costs in Ugandan Shillings & USD)

ActivityAdultChild (up to 12)
Park Entry*40,000 UGX10,000 UGX
Birding Tours20,000 UGX5,000 UGX

*Park Entry cost includes Rhino Trekking, whether on foot from the ranch or driving out to see them in the bush.
(When driving to track rhinos, your own vehicle is required, unless prior arrangements have been made with Ziwa.)
Please also note that pets are not allowed at Ziwa.

A Ugandan kob standing in long grass in a woodland clearing at the Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch.

Other Wildlife

Our wildlife ranch isn’t just home to birds and rhinos. You will likely see a whole host of other wildlife during your visit. You may well encounter warthogs, kobs, monkeys and many other species of wildlife that thrive here. So be sure to keep your cameras at the ready.

Golden Crested Crane

The golden crested crane is a frequent visitor to the ranch. With its crown of golden feathers, this stunning looking bird can have a wingspan of up to 6.5 feet. It has long black legs for wading through long grass. However, its large feet are designed for balance. And thanks to its long hind toe, it is one of the few species of crane that can roost in trees.

A ziwa ranger and a customer engaging with a golden crested crane that has wandered into Ziwa Wildlife Ranch.

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