Ziwa Photo Gallery

No matter what wildlife you’ve come to see at Ziwa, there’s plenty of amazing photo opportunities. And if you’ve got some great photos you want to share on social media, we’d love to see them.

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Ziwa was set up to conserve the African White Rhino. It’s why we’re here. There are a lot of other amazing wildlife species that live in the ranch. But the opportunity to see these amazing animals so close is what makes it so special here. Here are a few of our favourite rhino photos. (Scroll down the page to see other wildlife and ranch photos).

Other Wildlife on the Ranch

Ziwa is a becoming more and more popular for wildlife and birding enthusiasts. We organise wildlife treks and birding tours. Some of these were taken on our static ‘Wildlife Cam’s. Here are some of our favourite wildlife and bird photos…

the Ranch

Ziwa was first established in 1983 as a cattle ranch. However, in 2005 it introduced some white rhinos to help re-introduce rhinos into Uganda. Here’s a few photos to help you get a feel for the ranch and its surroundings…

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