Our Wildlife Rangers

A Ziwa wildlife ranger and a safari tourist watching rhinos from a safe distance.

Highly Trained Rangers

The rangers at Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch are highly specialized rhino rangers. It’s their job to know how rhinos behave and how to act near them to ensure everyone’s safety. Ziwa may be an enclosed ranch, but the rhinos that live here are wild rhinos living in their natural habitat.

Our team of rangers are trained to conserve all indigenous wildlife and plants within the grounds of the ranch. Their job is not only to educate and inform visitors to Ziwa, but also the wider local community in Uganda.

When leading customers on birding tours or wildlife treks, they know where to go and what signs to look for. They know all the species of plants and animals and will give you the best chance of seeing them.

Rhino Conservation

The priority of our rangers is rhino conservation. Part of their daily routine is to monitor the rhinos in the ranch and collect data on their health. For example, they will take notes on their body condition and monitor their behaviour, looking for anything unusual. They will also make notes on mating, fighting or any territorial behaviour displayed by the rhinos. And to ensure the rhinos safety, they also carry out regular anti-poaching activities.

All the data that they collect is submitted and recorded in a computerized database. Rhinos had previously been hunted to extinction in Uganda so ensuring their continued safety and well being is vital for the re-introduction project.

2 white rhinos grazing in the shade of a tree.
A Ziwa ranger briefing customers before heading out on a trek.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

White rhinos are the largest of the five species of rhino and can weigh up to three tonnes. They may not have great eyesight and you may think you can outrun them. But rhinos can run over 30 miles per hour! To put this in perspective, the worlds fasted human, Usain Bolt, set the world record at 23.35 miles per hour. This is why we take your safety so seriously. You will receive a safety briefing before you embark on any of our adventure treks at Ziwa. And it’s important that you listen and obey the rules.

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